Takahashi Meijin – 高橋名人

Takahashi Meijin – (高橋名人) is a Japanese video game legend. He is a guru working at “Hudson Soft” , a company where he is working since a long time ago.

Takahashi Meijin is famous for his fast trigger finger when playing video games, he can push a video game controller 16 times per second!. He is also famous because he is the main character in a video game called Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (Takahashi Meijin’s adventure island). You don’t recognize that game right? Look at the next picture carefully:

Takahashi meijin

The t-shirt’s character is the protagonist of Adventure Island, and the guy wearing it is Takahashi Meijin, don’t they look like similar? 😉 The game’s Japanese name was Takahashi Meijin’s adventure island, but since Takahashi was not famous abroad it was decided to translate it as Adventure Island

His fame as a “gamer” reached its zenith when he played against Mouri Meijin in a special TV show. They played Star Soldier, but the best thing of the TV show was the beginning, it became a video game pop culture classic in Japan. Next you can watch the beginning of the show, it features the training that Takahashi Meijin y Mouri Meijin did before playing Star Soldier.

The most famous moment starts from the first minute, when Takahashi breaks a watermelon using his legendary finger movement.

Are you better than Takahashi, can you break a watermelon with your finger, can you do more than 16 pushes per second? You can try using this flash game, I managed to do around 100 in one minute. Next video shows Takahashi’s technique, look how fast he moves his finger! if you don’t look carefully you don’t even notice the movement.

If you like this Japanese heroe, you can check his personal blog or continue watching the Star Soldier game against Mouri Meijin.

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Ah yes, the watermelon split, classic.
I tried getting one of those Hudson T-shirts from their online store but it was all in Japanese. I really wish they would sell those in America…

The best I could get on the button challenge was 95, but when I use joy-to-key and my Logitech rumble pad2 instead of the keyboard I can get 104.

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