The Great Seto Bridge

The Great Seto Bridge connects the main island of Japan, called Honshu, with the fourth biggest island in the archipielago, called Shikoku. Being a little bit over 13 km long, it is the longest two-tiered bridge in the world, a record that belonged during many years to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Great Seto Bridge
The Great Seto Bridge illuminating the horizon. I took this picture from a nearby island.

Great Seto Bridge
This great picture was taken by Chris Willson at 5:00 a.m from the Honshu side of the bridge right where it begins.

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Nice shots!
I’ve used that bridge once to get from Shikoku to Honshu, but it was on a night bus, so I wan’t able to see anything. 🙂
It’s really an amazing construction!

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