The invention of Dr. Nakamats

Can you remember about Dr. Nakamats? He is the most prolific inventor in history; this month he reached 3,500 patents. He is already more than 80 years old but he is still in good shape and maintains a really active lifestyle. A Danish producer came to Japan to film a documentary about the popular inventor called “The invention of Dr.Nakamats”. There is still not a release date set but we already can enjoy the trailer:

The trailer looks great; I am really looking forward to watch the whole documentary. Notice the details in the logo, for example “Till 2072” 😉

Dr. Nakamatsu

I am already a big fan of Doctor Nakamatsu, if you want to follow the latest news and inventions of Dr. NakaMats you can become a fan of him on the Fan Page I created on Facebook.

My brain is very important – Dr. Nakamats

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