Typhoon Songda arrives in Japan

After devastating the Philippines, where it has left victims on its way, Songda typhoon arrives in Japan. Even though it has lost a lot of power, the typhoon is affecting mostly to Okinawa, where many electricity pylons and lamp posts have fallen due to the strong winds, and hundreds of houses have been temporarily left without electricity supply. Okinawa and the south of Japan in general were the only areas that were not affected by the earthquake on March 11th.

In Tokyo the typhoon is barely affecting us, we only have rain and some strong gusts of wind.

Typhoon in Japan

Photos by my friend Chris Willson, who lives in Okinawa:

Typhoon Songda hits Okinawa

Typhoon in Japan

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I think the worst typhoon is José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the spanish president.
Japan needs space, Spain needs a good president, why Japan and Spain do not une theyself and make an only country?

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