Underage drinking

I saw this add walking around Shibuya.

It says: “It’s the season of congratulations for your entrance to the University, but please refrain from drinking beer till you are 20”. It seems that Japanese like to start drinking alcohol when they start university when they are 18 even though it is not permitted to drink till 20. It’s a big problem that is even worse in Japan because their body doesn’t really tolerate big amounts of alcohol. They lack an enzyme called low-Km aldehyde dehydrogenase isoenzima that makes them to become drunk faster than other people

The previous ad is a campaign that wants to stop underage drinkers, they even have a website called The interesting point is that in the add they make special emphasizes in the word “beer” (ビール), and if you look more carefully the campaign is sponsored by many Japanese beer brewery companies. Suspicious, interesting, smart? If you were the president of a beer company would you pay to make a similar campaign against drinking? Do they want to clean their image?

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yes, but they are saying: Don’t drink beer!!! is that a good advertising? Maybe because we are humans we always feel some attraction by what we can’t do.

Here in Belgium we have a alcohol limit of 18. I don’t think it’s suspicious that beer companies provide these advertisements. I just think they’re trying to warn the youngsters for the dangers. And smartly at the same time they can say that they’re not responsible because they made the ads. Pretty smart if you ask me.

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