Virtual boyfriend

Web-care is a Japanese Internet service that allows you to have a virtual boyfriend. There are tons of similar games in the Japanese market (Marketed for boys and for girls), but Web-care is the newest stuff out there with “Web 2.0” style and it is being pretty successful. There are already more than 20.000 girls registered using the service. You can select among four boyfriends with different personalities.

novio virtual

novio virtual

novio virtual

novio virtual

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Aww, c’mon you know how to read Japanese, don’t you?

It’s not webcare (like in care for the Web and the Web will take care fo you) but WEB-KARE (with “kare” like in Japanese “kareshi” = boyfriend)

Sheesh, some people.

wow that’s actually kinda sad, I mean hell it can’t be that hard to get an actual boyfriend can it.

I have an account there to learn my daily bit of spoken Japanese (and I’m engaged). It’s funnier than watching Anime because it’s written down in kanji and I have to think to actually get it. Also all the oshirase are in Japanese.

But I actually believe, that being able to watch a bishounen you have chosen is also more fun than watching a bishounen-ridden series, where the creators decide which of the bishounens will appear for how long and how many times, right?

It’s like tamagocchi a bit XD but with a boy. :DDD

=x Well, it’s not just for peeps who can’t get a boyfriend, it’s also for entertainment, I mean, it’s funny =x That’s my opinion.

virtual boyfriend can be MUCH BETTER THAN A REAL ONE:

-can squeal over them, not be weird (they wont know)
-no pain of breakups (just stop playing lor)
-dont get sick of them/feel like ignoring them (again, just stop playing)
-they dont really piss you off
-they are SUPER SWEET.
-Some ppl have no time for a real boyfriend. would just get in the way of life, this virtual boyfriends are a fun way to have some fun sometimes. no troublesome commitment what.

They ought to set up one that lets boys and girls join and find their “perfect match”. ONLY TO FIND that actually their “perfect match” is actually a real person playing the game “from the other end”. Birthrate problem solved!

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