Visiting tourist sights with Google Street View

Google has done an amazing job and has taken its cameras (not only on top of its cars) to tourist places around Japan and has integrated the images into Google Street View. You can visit some of these places in this site where the most interesting ones have been selected. In the menu with photos on top you can choose the general place and then in the vertical menu on the left you can choose a specific monument or tourist attraction/sight. The navigation is the same as in Google Street View, using the mouse or the arrow keys to move and A, D, W, S keys to change the perspective.

Street View
Walk around this temple

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I’m reading your Book and I found this site today. Your site is really cool!
But Héctor-san, how can you live in Japan if you’re not japanese? I wanted to live there too, but they say that if you’re not japanese you can’t stay there for more than 3 months.

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