Wii Fit

I’ve been playing Wii Fit for a while, it’s pretty cool! You exercise while playing, it’s the same concept as Doko demo Yoga for the DS. Wii Fit is interesting because it comes with a balance board that acts as an extra controller calculating how much weight you are releasing on each area . More info and videos at Dannychoo’s post.

2 replies on “Wii Fit”

I can’t imagine many people buying this product or using it for very long. It’s designed as a way of getting people to exercise, but aside from showing a few charts, it doesn’t really offer anything new. You can do exercise without it. Those who already do exercise don’t need it, and those who don’t do exercise won’t use it for very long.

I like the Wii (I own one), but this product seems to be more of a gimmick.

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