WTF Video

Recorded this video from a screen in the entrance of a DVD store in Osaka. Would you go inside this DVD store after watching this video in the entrance?



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LOL I’ve seen that obaa-san tons of times on gaki no tsukai ya arahende batsu game events, she’s hilarious, always kissing the comedians.

What is she saying? Is she promoting the store or she has a new DVD for sale?
I really hope, if it is a DVD, that it is comedy, because everything else is too weird for my tastes.

There’s a porn shop in Akihabara (in 2010 anyway) with her face all around it too. She suddenly appears on screens in the shop accompanied by wierd trombone music, as if dissaproving of your choices XD. I can’t remember where the shop was exactly but it was near the railway tracks and orange.

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