Alcatraz Restaurant


“Alcatraz” is a thematic restaurant, advertised as a “Medical Prison”. It’s a quite strange concept but the result is pretty cool. When you enter the restaurant you feel as if you were in a medieval dungeon. Some nurses (waitresses) welcome you and the first thing they do is to ask you about your blood type, they handcuff you and take you to your cell.

The food is not bad but it’s somewhat expensive. All dishes and drinks have interesting names like for example “Flu”, “Morphine” or “Mental Stabilizer”, and some of them are served in test tubes. Moreover, the cutlery reminds you of the one used in prisons in Hollywood movies.

During the dinner there are some actors (waiters) dressed up as monsters that play as if they were mentally retarded running around the cells and scaring you when you go out of the toilet.

It is a great restaurant, but I liked more the Ninja Restaurant! Here you have the map to get to the restaurant.

Alcatraz restaurant

Alcatraz restaurant

Alcatraz restaurant