Well known by everyone who has ever watched the movie “My neighbor Totoro”, the Nekobus is a cat-bus (“Neko” is cat in Japanese) that can travel very fast on any type of terrain. One of the most fabulous means of transport that you can imagine. There are many Nekobus fans around the world, and some of them try to create Nekobuses replicas in the real world. Here are some pictures I found thanks to Google:

This is not a Nekobus but it is very “Ghibli”. I travelled using this bus when I went to the Ghibli Museum at Mitaka.

This is the original Nekobus.

I finished at this web and this web where you “Totoro Station” pictures. It seems there is a real bus station called “Totoro” somewhere in a little village at southern Japan.

“Totoro” bus station.