Ear cleaning and massage

These shops are specialized in cleaning and massaging your ears, I’ve never seen anything similar. One of the incentives is that the client can choose the girl who cleans your ears. One hour cleaning is 4.500 yen (27 euros) and you can find all their shops here, just in case you feel like something different an weird when you travel to Japan this summer.


These are all the steps. It seems you get a “real” massage at the end.


Client having some fun.

These are some of the instruments that will be used to massage and clean your ears.

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Does that “real” massage at the end mean a “real” massage or a “REAL” massage …?! …. would be interesting to see what it’s like … the ear cleaning service that is.

man, that would just freak me out having someone poke this needle into my ear. with one little confused gesture, she can stick it right to my precious brain. that’s just me – paranoid.

… all i want is a happy ending! nyak! nyak! nyak!

Haha, I agree with gb. Especially when looking at that last picture with the fluffy ball, I definitely don’t want that thing in my ear 😛

There was a discussion going on about this in the Japan Guide Forum last year: 39195

I also blogged about this ear cleaning (in German) back then and provided a link to another place that does this:

Because I just stumbled over your blog entry about it, I also mentioned it on my blog:
I think the pictures are really great, because they give a good insight!

… so, which of the girls would you choose? 😉
I think it’s intersting that some of the girl’s photos don’t show their faces.

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