Men with skirts

A new trend is emerging in Harajuku, a neighborhood where you can frequently find many of the urban tribes in Tokyo. The new trend is brought by a new urban tribe auto denominated: “skirt men” (スカート男子). There are still not many men wearing skirts but there are already two shops specialized in skirts for men. In this video that I recorded directly from a TV report a “skirt men” (スカート男子) goes into a shop where he finds many skirts specially designed for men.

man with skirt

men with skirt
Photos by Nakazakityo

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The fellow in the red leggings looks great. I’m not a big fan of the traditional Scottish kilt outfit but it’s good to see males moving away from trouser tyranny.

It makes sense when men wearing skirts. Nothing wrong with that. It could be a real new fashion style if there would be more brave men around going out and off their stereotyped dressing.
How looks a skirt on a man compare a man dressed in shorts?
Just forget the shorts, it can’t compete with a men’s skit at all!

Men wearing skirts Is somthing New But yeat It is very old !!!! I wear skirts everyday and my friends & familey dont mind …. In fact my New girl friend is Old fastshion and she is warming up to the fact that i like to wear skirts ……… I also wear Other female clothing & shoes…… & she kinda likes the the Ease of access to her play toy !!!!! Best thing she asys jokingly is that She wears the pants & I dont !!!! she likes to joke around!!!

Wearing a skirt is no diffrent than wearing shorts and the best thing abought skirts is the Maney styles I can have !!!

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