Naha monorail

When I was in Okinawa one of the most surprising things I found in Naha capital was that the main public transportation system is a monorail. Here are some pictures, so you can get a sense of how much they profit space, there are monorail tracks even above rivers!. Looking at the building nearby you will be able to appreciate how tall is the monorail.

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[…] Yurikamome line is one of my favorite railways in Japan. Is one of the main connections between Tokyo and Odaiba island. Is not really a train, neither a monorail… it works somehow using wheels and traveling on top of an elevated concrete structure. It doesn’t need a driver, everything is controlled by computers. Not having a driver means that you can sit down in the first wagon and enjoy incredible views as if you were controlling the train. I really enjoy Yurikamome line, I feel like I’m in Gotham or New Port […]

The main transport system in Naha is the monorail??? What????

Didn’t you see the streets?

1. Cars
2. Bikes
3. Trucks
4. Pedestrians and cyclists.

The monorail is tiny!

John Davis

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