Now January 2017

I live in Tokyo and I’ve been travelling in a “different way” around Japan during the last months. I’m not planning to travel during the next months, so if you come to Tokyo let me know and let’s grab a coffee.

This is what I’m doing now:

  • Editing the last copyedited version of my new book: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life that will be launched next year.
  • Aiming to become full time independent writer and thinker.
  • Current value I’m focusing to develop: HONESTY, with myself and with others
  • I started an email list, I send one email per month, you can subscribe here.
  • Learning to write fiction. A novelist friend is actively mentoring me.
  • Writing my next book about Japanese culture that will be a continuation of A geek in Japan .
  • I’m reading books.
  • Doing my best as the Chief Architect at DG Lab: focusing on how to develop chatbots that are actually useful.
  • Learning to cook.
  • Trying to improve the story I’m telling with my photography and focusing less on the technique.
  • Bodyweight training, fasting, meditation and cold baths.