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Tommy Lee Jones in Japan

A canned coffee brand called Boss is using Tommy Lee Jones as their image since two years ago. Canned coffee can be found almost everywhere in Japan, in convenience stores, in supermarkets and also in vending machines, where the user can select whether to have it hot or cold directly from the vending machine. Boss is the most popular brand of these canned coffees, and therefore Tommy Lee Jones boring face can be found everywhere! is like a nightmare!



I don’t really know how has the most boring face Tommy Lee Jones in these ads or Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. So yes!, what happens in Lost in Translation happens in the real world, there are many Hollywood actor and actresses who come to Japan just to be the image of some Japanese brand. In fact there are so many of them that there is a word to designate them, they are called japanders. And there is a very interesting website called where you can find almost all japanders, browsing this site found out that Sean Connery did some whiskey commercials ala Lost in Translation a while a go.

My friend Ignacio was shooting some random pictures in Nara, and then when checking the pictures in the LCD screen…

Picture by Ignacio Izquierdo

Yes, he is Tommy Lee Jones feeding some deers in Nara. As you can see he looks like much happier in the real world than in those Boss canned coffee ads, and he is also fatter!

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The interesting part is that in the advertising campaign, he is an alien from outer space (Men in Black, anyone?) who doesn’t particularly like the Earth, but doesn’t mind coming back because of the GREAT coffee.

I remember those commercials. The most hillarious/awkward one was the commercial set in a maid cafe in Akihabara.

Yeah, Tommy Lee Jones is BOSS.

“how popular is starbucks in japan?”

same as the west. you can’t toss a stick without finding one in the cities. I even tripped over one in Gifu.

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