Remote-controlled Washlet

After living for four years at the same place in Shibuya, a couple of weeks ago I moved to a brand new place. One of the little treats that I have had to give up is the remote-controlled washlet that I had at my “exhouse”.



It might look like a futuristic luxury for foreign eyes but it’s not, in fact the TOTO (Japan’s most popular brand) model I had at home was old-fashioned and no longer available. My “exhouse”, where I lived for four years, was built at the end of the 80’s, right in the middle of the Japanese bubble, a time when Japanese people were dreaming about a future plenty of remote-controlled washlets and buildings several kilometers tall. At my new house, the toilet doesn’t have a remote control, I think I will be able to survive 😉

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All I can read is the bidet button, which seems odd because the button above it seems to illustrate the basic bidet function.

What do all those buttons do?

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