8-bit music

“8-bit music” is an electronic music style composed using only computers and video game consoles from the 8-bit era. Songs made with these machines are called chiptunes and Japan is one of the countries with more active people and notable the world of the 8-bit music.

8-Bit Prophet Vorc Records

One of the latest new 8-bit music productions is 「8-BIT PROPHET – TM Network Tribute Generated by Chiptune + Vocaloid」a new CD created by Vorc Records that will be on sale from the third of this month in Japan. It is a tribute to TM Network, a important Japanese group from the eighties. It is all chiptune and the voices are all by Hatsune Miku (A Yamaha voice synthesizer). The songs are made by K->, Tanikugu y Kyonomori, and there is also a bonus track by Saitone.

The most popular chiptune group in Japan is YMCK. Also in Japan, my friend and comrade from Spain Ale/Pepino, has a group with a singer called Ai, they where in the first chiptune festival in the world in New York together with YMCK. You can listen their songs or download them from here. These are two of them:

Faster Than Time (inglés) (MP3)

Nishitetsu (japonés, maqueta) (MP3)

Ai and Ale performing life. Picture

And this last video is also from another Spanish chiptune group based in Barcelona called Meneo.

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Machinae Supremacy is good! I have several of their CDs that they’ve released over the past several years. They use a SID Station to produce most of their synth sounds.

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