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Neighbourhood temples

I have been with the home office for seven months now, since “the first wave” ended I have been taking walks through the back streets of Tokyo to stretch my legs and refresh my mind. Every day go a little bit further away trying to discover some special place that I did not know.

I have been finding Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, that although they do not appear in the travel guides, for me each of them has a certain unique charm. This first photo is not from an unknown sanctuary. It is the temizuya 手 水 舎 (Place to purify-wash hands) that is standing as a measure to prevent the spread of covid-19. Normally there are buckets to fill the water that comes out of the bamboo cane. Now the fountain is stopped and they have put up an information sign.

But they have created an alternative in which they avoid having to all be in the same mouth of a source and have eliminated the saucepans. This is a video of the new temizuya for times of covid-19:

In this other sanctuary they have put up a sign at the entrance warning that there is a dangerous raven. Watch out for the raven!

This is a tiny shrine in Aoyama, it is hidden among several houses , although I had walked by it many times I had never noticed its presence.

This is an abandoned shimenawa rope

This is koma-inu (koma dog) status with many details, notice the muscles and the hair.

Buddhist temple at sunset time.

Mini statue (less than 10 centimeters tall)

I found a tiger!

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