About A Geek in Japan

Héctor García

I was born in Europe in 1981 and moved to Japan in 2004.

I write books about Japan and I love learning new things all the time. I enjoy reading and photography as hobby, and generally like activities that involve the creation of new things more than just consuming.

You can start by reading my blog or learn what I’m doing now 🙂

The book
A Geek in Japan

I wrote a book about my observations while living here in Japan without many expectations, but after ten years since its release, A Geek in Japan is still a top seller on Amazon Japan ranking. It has been translated to eight languages and sold more than 300.000 copies.

Thank you everyone!


Tell me your story: hectorgarcia [at] [gmail] [dot] [com]

Business inquires are also welcome, I usually do market research consulting for companies introducing products in Japan. I also love collaboration projects, if you have any ideas please write me.

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I always say that I’m NOT and expert in Japan. I like to keep a beginner’s mind and be surprised everyday by what I see and feel around me here in Tokyo. Let’s keep learning about Japan together everyday!

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