Héctor García

 I was born in Europe in 1981 and moved to Japan in 2004. I write books about Japan and I’m passionate in learning new things everyday, reading, writing and taking pictures. I love traveling, science, physics, astronomy, science fiction and Japanese culture. I enjoy more creating things than consuming them, I’m a dreamer and this is what I’m doing now 🙂 

The book
A Geek in Japan

I wrote a book about my observations while living here in Japan without many expectations, but after ten years since its release, A Geek in Japan is still a top seller on Amazon Japan ranking. It has been translated to eight languages and sold more than 100.000 copies. Thank you everyone!


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I always say that I’m NOT and expert in Japan. I like to keep a beginner’s mind and be surprised everyday by what I see and feel around me here in Tokyo. Let’s keep learning about Japan together everyday!

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