iPhone and iPod in airplane seat screens

ANA (All Nippon Airways) has announced that in all its flights between Tokyo and New York the passenger seats will be equipped with an extra connector (including tourist class seats). iPhones and iPods will be able to be plugged to recharge their battery, listen to music or even watch the movies that are loaded in the device using the in-seat screens. It looks like a great idea to me, but maybe they should extend the idea further so that the system can be used by other devices and not just iPhones and iPods.

All Nippon Airways screen iPhone iPod

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Yeh they have the iPhone/iPod connectors on V Australia, which is the new Virgin service from Australia to the US. You don’t get the video on screen from the iPhone yet but you can load up video from a USB device.

I flew in September and it is awesome not having to worry about running out of power during the 14 hour flight from Oz to US. Last time I had to take my PSP (with two batteries) and iPhone to entertain myself (^_^)

I think it’s ironic that just as every carrier fits out their planes with decent tv screens and media facilities, along come smartphones/media players with bags of storage and you can view what you want, when you want.

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