New skyscraper in Shinjuku

At the East side of Shinjuku there are many skyscrapers. There is a new one, that is being built that caught my attention. It has a characteristic shape that reminds me the Agbar tower in Barcelona or Dubai’s Burj_Al_Arab building. The new Shinjuku skyscraper will be called “Shinkousha” and it will be 203.65 meters tall.

These are some pictures I took some days ago. Still ten months until completion:

shinjuku nishishinjuku rascacielos skyscraper

shinjuku nishishinjuku rascacielos skyscraper

When finished it will be something like this:

shinjuku nishishinjuku rascacielos skyscraper
More info here (Only Japanese).

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it reminds me of the egg tower in London.

The idea behind the egg shape was to optimize wind flux and lower the basement surface (narrower on both ends of the tower and larger in the middle).

The whole building isn’t going to be a game design college, dude. That’s just one of the tenants.

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