Railways maintenance

They are the group of workers who I see every month checking the railway in front of my home. They check every single centimeter and take care that every stone is in its place. The service is not stopped during the maintenance, they just work when there are no trains so they have to stop and move to one side every two or three minutes, hard work! They guy with the flag has to tell everyone when the train is coming.



Japanese railways is one of the things I would like to have everywhere in the world. It works so perfectly and there are trains almost from everywhere to everywhere.

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I agree that the trains in Japan are efficient, experiencing it myself when I went to Japan. A bit crazy how they wouldn’t shut down the train for that one rail so the guys can do their job more efficiently. Cops here close 3/4 lanes with traffic accidents although the accident is only in one lane. In terms of maintenance, road crews could take up to half the number of available lanes causing major traffic during peak hours.

I have to agree
I mean I can practically live in the trains
when I was in Tokyo the trains were my favourite
every time it rains heavily in Kuala Lumpur
the trains will inevitably get delayed
for more than an hour…

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