Thin buildings

When you walk around Japanese cities you will soon realize how thin some of the buildings are. They use every little place they find to build new houses or buildings. Some of them are really really thin, here are some pictures I took in Tokyo:

In the middle there is a very little police station.

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The space between the buildings because of the earthquakes. It’s a norm within the construction in countries like Japan, where earthquakes are very frequent, so vibrations don`t pass through the buildings, (“domino effect”)

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This is cause they know they have a small country so they perserve space or ‘saving’ space. As you have known japan always comes out with the smallest technology due to the fact that they have a small country like mp3s before walkmans were huge so they compact it. In japan buying a house or w.e is like buying 1 tile of space. So in japan especially tokyo buying 1 tile of space is around 1,000 dollars canadian or 10,000 i forgot -.-” anyhow yea thats the reason why they have so many thin buildings.

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