What I was doing “now” on February 2019

I’m at home, here in Tokyo. focusing on the challenges of new job which I’m starting to get used to. After many cicles of trial and error during the first months I’m starting to build self-confidence but I still have many things to learn. I’m specially struggling on the challenges of building good engineering teams. On the side, I keep being diligent on writing every day for my next book.

This is what I’m doing now:

  • I just published a new book in Spain. Now I’m writing my next book.
  • Preparing a 3 week trip/stay to my home in Spain. Looking forward to meet my friends.
  • Excited to be working on a side project with friends which requires me to learn about the fashion industry.
  • Long walks with family and friends.
  • Bodyweight training.
  • Learning/practicing to improve my speaking skills.
  • Reading books.
  • Feeling better after years of fighting with SIBO.

These are my archived Nownownow pages: