2 minutes in the train

Japan train
The two girls in the left are chatting, the foreigner in the center talks on the phone (Don’t do it! It is considered bad manners), the girl next to him thinks and the girls in the background plays with her Nintendo DS

Japan train
The girl with the yellow purse sends an e-mail with her cellphone, the other two girls keep on talking.

Japan train
The girl with the yellow purse checks her hair with a hand mirror, the girl to the left browses the Internet on her cellphone.

Japan train
The girl with the yellow purse keeps on checking her hair and the other girls keep on chatting.

Japan train
The girl with the yellow stops fixing her hair and eats an onigiri (rice ball).

Japan train
The girl that was doing nothing in the first picture falls asleep.

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So many improprieties, from a Japanese point of view: eating in public, make-up, phone calls, and fixing hair. Tobu train? Must be. Ah Saitama…

@jamesmallon Eating? Who’s eating in public? No one was putting on makeup, just looking at their hair. If someone gets a quick call and he quickly says “hey I’m on the train” and hangs up, it’s not that bad (although this guy seems to be talking for a bit longer).

This is not that uncommon a scene in Japan, and I think only the most diehard of sticklers would get angry at this scene.

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