Women vending machine

You already know I find the amount and variety of vending machines in Japan fascinating. This time it is about a vending machine that gives you the woman of your choice for only 100 yen (1 dollar, 0.8 euro). They are already being set up in the most crowded stations in Tokyo and Osaka. Due to the success, the supplying company is thinking about releasing a new model to the market, this time a men vending machine, selling each man for 90 yen.

Women vending machine

Yesterday, April Fools’ Day was celebrated in many countries around the world. In Spain, my home country, we celebrate something similar (los Santos Inocentes) the 28th of December. In Japan, as they never had an equivalent day, they started to copy April fools’ and yesterday many Japanese websites published some really funny stuff.

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“and yesterday many Japanese websites published some really funny stuff.”

Like what? Whilst this post was /ok/, it would be interesting to hear more about this “really funny stuff”.

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