20th Century Boys – The movie

Naoki Urasawa, the author of Pluto and Monster latest manga hit is 20th Century Boys. I liked a lot 20th Century Boys, it is very similar to Monster in structure but even longer. 20th Century Boys is so popular in Japan that they are making a trilogy of movies. The advertising campaign for the first movie started some weeks a go and it is pretty impressive, there are “signs” everywhere!

20thboys urasawa movie
If you are a 20th Century Boys you will notice something “wrong” in this picture.

20thboys urasawa movie

20thboys urasawa movie

20thboys urasawa movie

20thboys urasawa movie
Picture fromTommy Oshima, one of my favorite Japanese photographers.

20thboys urasawa movie

6 Replies to “20th Century Boys – The movie”

  1. i know what the symbol is, just wondering why there is a black version. (or why there are two versions)

  2. We’ll see the movie soon!

    Something “wrong”…?
    I don’t know…Oh it’s you the red skirt woman, huh!

    I’ll check Tommy Oshima’s pics.
    Thank you 😉

  3. Those signs give a weird ominous feeling.

    If this was done, say around the same year as the events in the manga, it would be even more ominous and awesome.

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