Crisis, danger, opportunity

The word crisis in Japanese (危機=kiki) has the kanjis 危=”danger” and 機=”opportunity” (This kanji has also other meanings). The Japanese are pretty good finding ways to find opportunities when things turn bad, the best example is how they resurrected after the war.

A more recent example has been Nomura that just bought the Lehman Brothers Asian and (some) European divisions. It was interesting to read in Japanese newspapers how the Nomura was celebrating their success after creating the biggest independent investment bank in the world. Something that was IMPOSSIBLE some months ago.

危=”danger” y 機=”opportunity”.

After the US and Europe “initiated the crisis” tons of money have moved to Japan, because Japanese economy is considered low risk (no inflation and ridiculous interest rates). But this move of money is having many secondary effects. The Japanese yen is amazingly strong, some months ago you needed around 170 yen to buy 1 euro, now you only need 135 yen! This will affect a lot Japanese exports, and Japanese economy is based on exports! The Japanese prime minister Taro Aso announced that they will take some measures but even though this week has been crazy. Nikkei index broke the 10.000 level, Toyota shares fall 30% in some days, Nintendo has lost more than 50% in six months and Sony 20% in five days, and I could continue writing tons of companies.

Let’s see if the Japanese and the rest of the world can find the 機=”opportunity” in this dangerous=”危” crisis (危機=kiki). And yes I’m aware of this but I like it to be “opportunity” 🙂