97% 3G Penetration in Japan

Mary Meeker shows in this presentation a ranking of countries by users of 3G devices. United States is the number 1 country with 179 million users and Japan ranks second with 117 million users. Looking at the penetration rates we can see that Japan ranks first with an incredible 97% and Korea second with a 82%. My home country, Spain, fares pretty well with 30 million users and a penetration rate of 53%.

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Why no GSM Japan? Stuck in the Stone Age or high LOL

Makes no sense! A stubbornly closed telecom market that Japan is I see!? Notice most are Japanese only such as Docomo, KDDI, and Softbank that’s it. Sad these cool companies don’t go outside Japan too like Samsung has done from Korea.
it’s so lame one cannot use the same dang Iphone in Japan that was purchased in America, so that means if yoj buy Japanese Iphone, outside Japan you’re totally screwed basically! Get the Ipad here in Japan, it’s worthless elsewhere boooo!
Can’t stop laughing at this one!

GSM is a old technology and slow third world countries are just getting it. 3g is HSDPA and a lot faster and all wealthy countries are going to it.

I did not know samsung was a telecom provider in Korea.
softbank Docomo and Kddi au provide service not make electronics so they would have nothing to do with sending models of phone out to other countries.
Kddi is offering service in America at the moment.
heres a website you can join up with them now woohoo.

I can use my softbank purchased iphone in america without a problem you must have your settings wrong if you cant.
My ipad worked as well, both wifi model and 3g. It roamed on to att and softbank has a flat rate international data plan where i get unlimited use for 30 bucks a day.
My softbank iphone worked in China, vietnam, taiwan, USA, Canada so far.

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