A friend going back to Europe

My friend Ignacio is forced to go back to Spain after almost one year living here in Tokyo. He is leaving because of the crisis, he had a place here in Tokyo but he does not have it anymore.

One of the things I don’t like about living in Tokyo is that most of the people stays here just for a while, people comes and people leaves. I make friends and friends leave. And not only foreigners, also Japanese from other places come to Tokyo to make money for some years and after a while they go back to their home province. I don’t like it, but thanks to the Internet is not that bad. Also, in the case of Ignacio, I’m sure that he will be back to Japan sooner or later, he loves Japan and he wants to taste it a little bit more.

Ignacio is an excellent photographer, he uses a modest Nikon D80 but look at these AMAZING pictures he took during the last year:

To Ignacio and to all of you who had to leave Japan because of the crises we are waiting for you in Japan!

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