Alcoholic spa

Yunessun is a well known spa located in Hakone. It’s an interesing spa because they add common drinks to the baths/ofuros. The most well know are the wine and the sake baths, but there are also ofuros with beer, green tea or even coffee. I would try the green tea one, but I don’t know if I would like the one with coffee.

Picture from Mdn)

Green tea bath.

Coffee bath.

Access information here.

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The beer one would be like swimming in a hangover!

The tea one looks fun. Kind of like Alice in Wonderland.

Too many families and kids for my taste though.

Jarvik7, most family friendly spas require you to wear bathing suits. I went to Japanese spas all the time and I really haven’t been to any that lets you be in the buff in a family setting.

Unless you go to separate, more private spas.

i love that place! went there in the winter of 2006. coffee was super hot, sake and green tae were the best.

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