Alcoholic vending machine

This a vending machine filled with alcoholic drinks (Mostly beer). It has an electronic driver’s license reader that checks if the customer has the age of majority or not. Not all these vending machines have the driver’s license checking system, but the government wants to introduce the system in all of them. It’s a cool system, but I don’t think it will accomplish the objective for which it is supposed to be designed.


License reader detail.

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Is this to encourage drunk driving?

What about adults without driving license? Passport/ID card scanner may be better imo.

The liquor store where I lived in Osaka attached a helpful little pocket made out of duct tape on their vending machine with a card anyone could use to activate the machine. Now that’s customer service!

They are introducing TASPO for the cigarettes, so they should have a standard card for the alcohol machines too.
Also I noticed that I don’t see these machines too often in the city – mostly in the countryside. Where did you take this pic?

Next it’ll be Drive-Thru liquor vending machines. You won’t even have to step out of your car to get smashed.

When I was there last in ’96 they had these, I wonder if it was the honor system or they had the DL readers on them back then too? I can’t really remember. Must’ve been too drunk =P

Almost on a daily basis I see cars pulling up at vending machines for beer or smokes. It’s just ridiculous!

Mind you, in Australia there are actual drive through bottle shops. Not many but I have seen a few.

I think some other beer machines don’t check ID but they also don’t work until late at night, if you try and buy something during the day the money just comes out again. I wanted to get drunk there and then! πŸ™

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