Many Japanese famous male actors-models-singers who are considered very handsome are very effeminate. Sometimes I find it too much, look for example at the first picture I took from some books with Japanese male idols pictures:





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This look is very popular in many parts of Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, others too.)

It is completely incomprehensible in the West where the image of handsome is Brad Pitt or Leonardo di Caprio.

man thats what I told my bud in Japan after seeing too many girly looking guys… he told me this…

“you’re just jealous because they get the girls…”

and you know what? japanese girls like the look….

… i’m too westernized because it just creeps me out.

I agree, Brittany. πŸ˜€ I love guys that look like this, and I’m a Westerner. At first, it creeped me out a bit, but the more I see ’em, the more I like it. πŸ˜›

Brittany and Abby, I find it interesting that you are attracted to those feminine looking/acting men. I am a Westerner with Western ideas so the concept of straight women finding ostensibly gay looking men sexually attractive is puzzling to me.

The only frame of reference I have would be to equate it to western men finding women who look and act like men to be sexually attractive. Such men might be better off looking for other men. Unless you girls are gay or bisexual then I am at a loss. Could you or any other females who find these guys romantically attractive explain the attraction to me please?

I always hear this from my Western buddies. We aren’t Japanese, so trying to rationalize what is sexually appealing to Japanese from a Western perspective is fruitless.

I don’t get it but obviously a lot of Japanese women do. People have to get over it and flat out “stop hating”.

There’s always a different style of handsome in the east and the west. I think you have to be into or living in that culture to understand. I’m an asian american living in the US and I actually find them extremely attractive, especially popular jpop idol groups such as Arashi, KAT-TUN & NEWS.

None of my friends in the US understand why they look so girly but I personally think it’s just that depending in different cultures, there are different versions of “hot” and “cute”.


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