Obama burger vs Trump burger

Walking around Yokosuka we found a restaurant where they have two different hamburgers on their menu: the Trump burger and the Obama burger. The Trump burger has 700 gr of meat, two slices of bacon and egg. The Obama one has 450 gr and gorgonzola cheese. Which one would you choose? …. we went to another place for lunch 🙂

This is how the restaurant looks like from outside. Cool!

The restaurant name is Tsunami and the
exact localization on google maps is here


Local rice shops

Rice is probably the most important food source for the Japanese. Rice is usually bought at supermarkets in bags of 5kg or 10kg. But even though the supermarkets competition is strong, there are still plenty of rice shops that have survived only selling rice. These specialised shops sometimes have more varieties of rice that can’t be found in supermarkets, being able to choose their preferred type of rice is very important for many Japanese people. One of the most common varieties here in Japan is koshihikari.

I love the look and feel of rice shops, this is a local rice shop I photographed here in Tokyo:


And this is a huge rice vending machine. It is able to serve bags of 10Kg!

10Kg rice packages in a supermerket


Capcom cafeteria

Capcom will open a cafeteria and restaurant in Saitama by the end of this month. They will serve potion drinks and food with various ornaments inspired by Capcom video-games, most of them from Monster Hunter X. Next to the coffee shop they will also open a shop with exclusive merchandising.


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.24.17





Official web, Google Maps location.