Kancho figurines

I still remember how much a laughed when I learned about the Kancho. “Kancho” is a procedure in which you attack your victim from behind putting together both of your hands in a “kancho position”, the purpose is to hit your “rival’s” ass with your index fingers.

The news today is that Takara Tomy has released a new series of figures adopting the kancho position. If you buy several figures they can be “interconnected” 🙂







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Video with my sakura pictures

My friend Francesc Miralles is a music composer and he is letting me use his original music to make videos with my pictures. This is his latest song, and these are my latest sakura pictures that I took this year. The singer is Jordi Medianoche and the model is Yurie Shimizu, thank you all!

Enjoy it better full screen and with headphones.

The 12 Autumns #2 Let it go, let it come from Héctor García on Vimeo.

If you like any of the pictures in the video let me know on the comments and I can give you the high resolution version of them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.38.10


Youth Crime Decreases, Elderly Crime Increases

The Japanese government has published some data showing that the criminality of the population over 65 years old has surpassed the youth criminality in absolut numbers. Last year 23,000 were commited by people older than 65, while only 20,000 crimes were committed by people between 14 and 19. One of the most frequent crimes committed by old people is shoplifting at supermarkets. This is just another curious fact about the long-lived Japanese population.