Crappy bus stops

One thing about Tokyo that surprised me from the beginning and still surprises me everyday are bus stops. Most of the bus stops in Tokyo are just a pole with the timetable, and if you are lucky there is a chair or a bench that someone put it there. I think this is because nobody (Compared to trains) really uses buses, that’s why the government doesn’t use money for bus stops. But anyway, some of them are just TOO crappy.

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Are buses held by public transportation companies? or privatly held ones?

Anyhow, maybe Japanese care less about bus stop because there is less need to wait (assuming buses are on time)?

I think its worse here, most of stops outside city centre have only a pole to mark bus stop. Only major stops have shelter and/or timetable.
And yet the buses are only public transport you can use to travel within city.

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Those are some pretty crappy bus stops. I wonder what that oba-chan was thinking when you took her picture?

I do wonder why they even have buses in Tokyo when most of the city is within 500 meters of a subway or train station.

the third picture has a hole in the seat… looks like a very old potty training seat left over by some parents who’s kids grew up… but it’s pretty old…

Loving those potty training seats someone left there, haha! Are buses cheaper than trains? Those pictures makes it look like buses are mostly used by poor people… O.o

This is very coherent with the idea of public space in Japan, no1 rule is: No public bench EVER.

If you want to sit somewhere in Japan you have to consume something first… Pay a train/metro ticket, a coffee, a beer… anything.

The public space were you can “hang out” is virtually non-existent.

Pretty much the only place where you’ll be able to sit without having any sort of commercial interaction first is in a park.

the benches in my local park were ripped out when a homeless guy started turning up. heartless …

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