Edo-Tokyo museum

My mother recommended me Edo-Tokyo museum and I finally had time to visit it. I liked it a lot, even more than the National Museum. I couldn’t take pictures inside, but this is a picture of the building I took other day. It looks like it was designed by a Star Wars artist!


Next the museum you can watch sumo fighting, it’s a good place to spend one day. Access information for the Edo-Tokyo museum.

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The first thing I thought when I read the post is the same question as Tornadoes28. Are you not allow to take pictures inside?

I’ve been there and virtually everything has “no photo” logos next to it, a lot of old things can be damaged by bright light (in fact it is quite dark inside). You can take photos of some things, but they’re either behind glass (so you wouldn’t use the flash anyway), fairly modern (like cars and TV’s) or else models and reproductions

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