Expensive bicycles without padlock

Japan is possibly one of the safest developed countries in the world, criminality is very low (even though we have the Yakuza). In this post I show some pictures of “expensive” bikes without any padlock or security system; these bicycles could be stolen so easily! And I say “expensive” bicycles, because “normal” bicycles without protection can be seen everyday here in Japan.

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There is low crime in Japan, but that didn’t stop two of my locked-up bikes from being stolen: one from a station bike parking area and another from the side of my old apartment building. Since then I’ve only used heavy duty locks…

Thats mono-cultural society for you. European countries were just as safe 40 years ago: front doors were unlocked, bikes without padlock etc.

Hate to break it to you but none of those bikes are expensive. Generally, any bicycle that has a kick stand is considered a off the shelf retail bicycle and not worth much. I estimate that those ones costs 30,000yen at most.

I don’t know dude, considering there are perfectly functional bikes available for about 8,000 yen, I’d consider a 30,000 yen bike to be expensive. It’s not a professional road bike or mountain bike, but it would still be hurt to have a 3man bike stolen.

Bikes here would be stolen and possibly pawned or taken apart for spare parts if they weren’t locked to something. Even then there are those that cut the locks and are still able to get away without being caught.


Your idea of expensive is clearly different from others.

Also, what bicycle doesn’t have a kick stand? How else would it possibly stand up?


ok I ride a customized mountain bike which cost me over 400,000yen after I swapped out all the parts. But that’s nothing compared to some of the nice italian frames that I see bicycle messengers riding around where I work (in Tokyo). Some of those frames can run up over $10,000!!

And anyone serious about riding a bicycle would not have a kickstand. Take a look at bicycle messengers, you’ll have a hard time finding one with a kick stand. Usually, they’ll just prop it up against a pole or fence.

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