Expensive branches

Visiting Tokyu Hands, one of my favorite shops in Japan I found a corner full of little branches. There are differents sizes, packs with many of them, different types of wood etc. It’s ok if they sell branches, but look at the prices! This branch in the first picture is 378 yen (more than 2 euros/3 dollars).

ramas tokyuhands

ramas tokyuhands

ramas tokyuhands

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  1. Japan has 251,200,000ha of forest.
    Its 66% of Japan so we have enough woods.
    I think it’s maybe rare/inported brand of wood tobe used for decoration or woodwork . (goodsmell, beautiful grouthring,etc)
    Probably it looks strange to euroeans.

    horrible english,,.( . .) 

  2. mekemeke: your english is perfect! Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t know 66% are forests. Living in the Kanto area makes me feel like Japan is just a huge city 🙂

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