Random Japanese curiosities

I share here a series of pictures that I took randomly. These are details of Japan that I personally find interesting. I think there are some hints in them about this culture that can’t be explained in words.

Ear cleaning and massage advertisement

Diagram showing how a port is protected from tsunamis

Advertisement offering trunk room space to store things that you can’t fit in your apartment. This is very normal in Tokyo where living space is very limited.

Poster by the Japanese Government to increase awareness of the “limits” of the Japanese territory. Notice the Senkaku islands in the South and the northern territories disputed with Russia.

Wilkinson cool hipster

Oden being sold in a vending machine.

A door that opens using the energy generated with the user’s footstep energy.


Street that is acting as a firebreak


Temple offering fortune in English, Korean and Chinese


Campaign to increase awareness that drinking water is a healthy. “Drinking lots of water is healthy”


Found at the entrance of Condomania. A Condom store located in Harajuku.

Japan popular brands map

I love this map that shows a map of Japan with the logos of many of its top brands at the location where the headquarters are. Notice how most of them cluster around Tokyo and Osaka, and car manufacturers are around Aichi. Nothing in Shikoku? I love discovering that Hudson (Takahashi Meijin) is in Hokkaido πŸ™‚


Mount Aso eruption

Mount Aso in Kyushu erupted yesterday. The smoke column reached today 4km into the sky! In one week we had weird earthquake in Tokyo, floods, typhoons and now a volcano erupting. Please, mother earth, give us a rest, the last thing we need is an alien invasion to feel like the people living in Sim City.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 14.11.04

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 14.11.20

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 14.11.33

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