Hatsuyume – 初夢

Japanese people are very superstitious, they generally believe in horoscopes and those kind of things. An interesting one is that they believe that the dream you have the first night of the year (January 1st night) will determine mostly your luck through the new year. Hatsuyume – 初夢 means first dream in Japanese and gives the name to the second day of the year in the traditional Japanese calendar.

It’s very important to what you see in your first dream. For example if you see a snake you will be lucky, and if the snake is white even better. The reason seems to be that one Japanese beautiful goddess has the ability to become a white snake. So if you meet a white snake in your dreams, that means that you met a goddess!

Another good thing you should see in your first dream next year is an eggplant. WTF! It seems that eggplants in dreams where very important to one of the greatest shōguns (Greatest commander of Japan before 1868) called Tokugawa Ieyasu. Another reason is that the word for eggplant in Japanese is “nasu”, and “nasu” also means to achieve something great.

Other things that should be a good sign in your “hatsuyume” are hawks, Mount Fuji or one of the seven lucky gods. I guess the best is to dream that you are at the top of Mount Fuji with a white snake, some hawks flying around and some fried eggplants for lunch, that means you will get one million dollars next year 😉

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An interesting one is taht they beliieve that the (tienes dos the) dream

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if you dream on a snake, you will be lucky.

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is hat they believe that the dream

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