Having money so close and so far at the same time

I captured with my camera these two men that live on the streets of Tokyo next to a couple of banks; I felt sorry for them and they made me think about the irony of this world in where we live. The first one is next to Acomu offices, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ bank, specialized in lending money using short-term loans (from one month to one year) but with really expensive interest rates (between 8% and 18% depending on the case). The second man had built “his home” next to a Mitsubishi UFJ bank branch, one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Homeless japan

Homeless japan

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You shoud try to look a short film named “Homeless me” it’s a short film of a men living on a hut by a river in Tokyo. It gives a different perspective, of the homeless people. Google it or catch the trailer on Youtube.

Just curious are the Japanese people around your area just used to you taking pictures of them? I mean do they ever approach you? Or is it just sort of normal now?
By the way I absolutely love your blog, it’s what first interested me in Japanese culture. Thanks for making it, and providing it in English. It must be a lot of extra work writing the same blog in two different languages.
Well I just wanted to say thanks tons.

@Jeremías Benítez I’ll take a look at it.

@Roy I didn’t know how to translate 証券, “securities” to Spanish. I wrote the post in Spanish and when I translated it I forgot about the detail 😉

@Julia thanks Julia! I usually take pictures without anyone noticing me. But if I really want to take more pictures of something or someone I ask for permission. The problem is that usually pictures taken without the other person noticing are much better, if you ask a Japanese for a picture they will usually do strange things with their hands 🙂

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