Interesting demolition method

Kajima Corporation is demolishing two skyscrapers using a silent, clean and fast original method. In the video you’ll see how they replace the first floor columns with metal ones supported by an hydraulic system controlled by computer, they can make the whole building to go down one level and repeat the same process over and over:

This method is inspired by a traditional Japanese game called “daruma otoshi”:

Japan is a country where buildings are seen as something “temporary”, the average life-span of buildings-houses in Japan is around 20-30 years. In Great Britain I thing the average lifespan of houses goes up to 100 years. Buildings and houses appearing and disappearing in Japanese cities es very normal. At the beginning I was surprised how much my neighbourhood changed in a year or two, but now I think I’m used to. 30 years old buildings are considered REALLY old!

This post is inspired-copied from Pinktentacle.

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Wow! Thats brilliant! Id like to know more about this – the UK has loads of programs about demolition and skyscrapers and stuff – im surprised ive not heard of this method.

Hey, that’s pretty clever. Im surprised no one outside Japan thought of this yet. Then again, you can say that about a lot of things in Japan.

It is actually faster. They clean de debris while demolishing and it is easier to identify dismantled parts and put them away. The official announcement says it is 20 % faster than normal tnt demolishing.

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