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Ion generators

In Japan it seems that they love anything that “generates” ions. Ion generator gadgets are supposed to be improving the quality of the air that you breath by generation positive or negative ions. You can even select your preference in many of them! In my office we have two of them, the office ladies working with me love them, but when I ask them “What is an ion?” they look at me with a funny ignorance/who cares face.

Standard purifier.

For your car.

For your face. You have to move it around your face everyday and it will improve your skin.

Ions only for men! WTF

Hair driers with ion generation.

Hair brush ion generation.

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I see you dont have any english comment yet. Be mine the first one! I dont believe in those ions machines, it’s a good invention in order to make money XDD Though that one only for men… XDDDD I would buy that one!! XDDD

I have one question: Will you write different entries in this version? Or will you only translate the entries that you write in spanish?

You have a very fun and interesting blog kirai! keep your good work and congratulations!

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