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I’ve been some years learning Japanese, during the learning process I’m using many tools, tutorials, resources I found on the net. In this post I will list which I consider the best bookmarks everyone should know if you are in the process of learning Japanese.


  • Guidetojapanese: the best web I know to learn the basic Japanese grammar. The author uses a very clear and direct style.
  • Jgram: is a big grammar database/dictionary.


  • Alc: the best Japanese-English dictionary. It’s based on the commercial dictionary called EIJIRO.
  • EDICT: is the one I use everyday.
  • Goo: used by many Japanese, has many search options and examples with each result.
  • Ruigo: Japanese thesaurus.


  • Kanjisite: there are only around 1.000 kanjis but I love the simple interface and the selected words for each kanji
  • this is the best site/application to learn kanji on the net that I know.
  • Kanji practice: this one has even videos showing the correct calligraphy for each character.
  • Kanjiaday: one kanji featured each day.


Which are your favorite sites to learn Japanese and languages in general?

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Thanks! This is a great list! I’ve been in Japan for 6 years, but I didn’t even know all of these.

ALC is great – I use it all the time – but don’t think of it as a dictionary in the customary sense. It relies in part on user contributions and therefore you will occasionally run into some hilarious, if not totally incorrect, translations. What it’s best for is language usage and specialized terminology. You’d still be wise to keep a “real” dictionary handy.

As far as additions to your list…
This would go under “various” I guess. It’s a page for determining postal codes in Japan, but I find it indispensible as a source of kana readings for the more tricky place names – especially in Okinawa and Hokkaido!

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