Japanese gadgets of the year

Japan is a gadget paradise, many of the gadgets you can buy here you can’t find them anywhere else in the world. Let’s see some of the most popular 2007 gadgets in this country:

EM・ONE is the star product from a new company called E-mobile. Using the EM・ONE you can be connected to the Internet at 7.2Mbps using HDSPA. It costs around 6.000 yens a month. Is like having an ADSL without cables in your pocket.


X02ht is the evolution of X01ht from Softbank. The design is very similar to the Blackberry. Functionality and services are similar to those offered by the EM-ONE and similar PDAs.


Is the evolution of w-zero3 from Willcom. The WS011SH screens has 800×480 resolution and 3 inches. 0.5Mbps costs around 6.000 per month. One of the most useful services they offer is the perfect integration of google maps with the navigation system


Fujitsu LOOX U
“Fujitsu LOOX U” is one of the mini-laptops that stumble in Japanese market from time to time. These type of laptops are very useful if you have to move everyday for meetings around Tokyo or Osaka. The “Fujitsu LOOX U” it’s only 700 grams and has a 8 inches screen. You can rotated the screen and use it as a tablet pc. I like these mini-laptops but maybe the keyboards are so little that are unusable.

Picture from my sensei Minami-san.

DS Lite
Is not a new product, but the quantity of DSs handsets in Japan is impressive. There are more Nintendo DS Lites in Japan than in the whole Europe! More than 25 million only in Japan, one for every five people.

This is one of the most successful colors this year.

Xacti DMX-HD700
Is one of the most little and cheapest HD video-cameras in the world. Is the evolution of the Xacti CA65 and similar models, that Dannychoo and I used to record the Dance Vader and Dance Trooper videos. It’s little, you can record HD, it uses SD memory and you can even take decent pictures because it has a 7 megapixel sensor.

Xacti by Dannychoo

Canon EOS 40D
Is the successor of the EOS 30D, and it becomes the new standard camera for semi-professionals. 10 megapixel CMOS sensor and the Canon’s DIGIC III processor. rankings say it’s the most successful camera of 2007.


Nikon D300
Is the EOS 40D Direct competitor from Nikon. It’s bundled with 12 megapixel sensor and it can shoot 8 times per second. Max ISO is 6400. This year I bought the cheapest Nikon reflex camera, the D40, and I’m REALLY happy with it’s performance, and I’m learning a lot using it.


FOMA P905i
The 905i series in general from Docomo, are right now the best mobile phones in the world (Anyone who has used them would say the same). What I don’t get is why Docomo is so incompetent conquering the world. Some years ago Nokia was a little company, and Docomo was one of the biggest companies in the world. Now Nokia is bigger than Docomo! What happened? I’ll write about this in another post.

FOMA P905i.

You can buy most of these gadgets from the web using Geekstuff4u.

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Do Canon Rebel XTis only sell in America? Because every foreigner I’ve ever seen uses a some sort of a D camera

I got the d40 too! I don’t understand either why Nokia has gotta so big – their phones are not even hot. Docomo has better phones – rather its panasonic (no longer matsushita denki!)
My current phone is AU w53CA. I think casio has the best phones (GUI is good)

Hello. This Laptop is nice. I am a Japanese Language Teacher in Indonesia. I need Laptop for support my activities. Do you know somebody or company can help me?

Do you know where i can buy japanese phone, especially the foma p905i online???
I have been looking for it like crazy. I am now in states

i have a FOMA P905i and id like to copy music from my laptop to my cellphone unit. DOCOMO USB Cable is attached and SD Card setting at MTP. But WMP V.10 error message: Portable device could not be found. So, what now?

Hi there, I’m planning to buy Nikon D40 in Japan through a friend. I’m just wondering how much is that as of now. Here in Philippines, it’s worth at around P23,000 or equivalent to 48,000 Yen.

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