8 Replies to “Japanese super-umbrella”

  1. I saw something similar to that back in Korea once. Very, very weird, but was very effective too.heh

  2. Haha, that would be impossible to actually use day to day! How does she get in and out of the thing?!

    I think, if she wants to stay dry so badly – stay indoors ‘coz that is just madness lol!

  3. that shit is a good idea…. i want to have one ‘cuz I always get wet when its raining.one day i was walking to one of my friends house and I put some shopping bags on my foot and also some anti raining stuff but i get wet thats why i want one of those umbrellas. good blog Hector.

  4. Oh lord!! amagine what it smell like after you made a big fart! you will knock yourself out!!

  5. I don’t know why, but I feel like I *have* seen one of those before, so I’m not surprised. @_@ But like that person said, it must be hard to see!

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