Kaikun and Otosan

Japanese mobile phone company Softbank mascot character is a real dog, the dog’s name is Otosan. But the dog has become so famous that even the real dog (The one that acts as Otosan in Softbank’s commercials) is acquiring more and more popularity. In the real world, the dog’s name is Kaikun.

Kaikun has published some books filled with pictures of himself walking around Tokyo.

kaikun otoosan dog book
Four of those books are all Kaikun’s pictures.

Yes, those are all books featuring famous dogs! The most popular of them is our beloved Kaikun. And if we look inside one of those books….

kaikun otoosan dog book

kaikun otoosan dog book
Kaikun tells as that we should have more interest in politics.

kaikun otoosan dog book
Kaikun having fun riding a rickshaw.

kaikun otoosan dog book
Kaikun planting a poo in front of the Shit building.

kaikun otoosan dog book
Kaikun drinking a beer.

kaikun otoosan dog book
Kaikun “studying”.

kaikun otoosan dog book
Kaikun doing business with Softbank guys.

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Kaikun’s “big job” outside of the Shit building is hilarious.

Likewise, the emoji depicting an animated pile of poo on my Softbank keitai (complete with “stink waves” and a little fly) is also a great source of amusement.

Too bad that phone won’t work in the US, there are times I could use something more expressive than a smiley-face

hey i was try to buy a phone charm of otousan for my softback fone does anyone know were i can buy one ??

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