Last week in Tokyo in photos

I share with you some photos that I took during a typical week of work routine in Tokyo but that I tried to enjoy to the fullest. I hope you have a nice week!

Chilling around Shibuya
Chilling around Shibuya.

Club Sega for adults
Antonio beat us playing darts at the Club Sega for adults

iPads in Tokyo
iPads are everywhere in Tokyo. Up until now, although the iPhone 4 hasn’t yet been released in Japan, iPad is at the moment easily outselling the iPhone in Tokyo.

Restaurant around Ebisu
On the way to look for a restaurant around Ebisu.

Hawaiian restaurant
We ate in a Hawaiian restaurant.

Shinkansen N700 series
Shinkansen N700 series advertisement.

Japan football
For some strange reason suddenly every Japanese loves football.

Shinjuku alley
People in a Shinjuku alley lining up for their hands to be read.

Forever 21 in Shinjuku
Forever 21 has opened in Shinjuku; until now there was only one in Harajuku.

Peach John lingerie advertisement
Advertisement of Peach John lingerie, one of the most popular lingerie brands in Japan. The model is the sister of model Jessica Michibata.


Buying manga
Buying manga on the street after work.

Uniformed schoolgirl
Uniformed schoolgirl going out of a high school in Shinagawa.

All that stuff are 3D glasses in the new electronics department store LABI in Shinjuku.

Metal Slug
Want to play some Metal Slug?

Denki Brown in Shinjuku
We found a restaurant in Shinjuku that has “Denki Brown”, an original drink from a bar in Asakusa and which is very difficult to find in other places. This poster advertises that “Denki Brown” is available.

Canon FT
A Canon FT, pure analog high-tech.

Canon film
Changing the Canon film.

Antonio enjoying a drink near Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku after work.

Mr. Negibou-san, an excellent photographer we met Thursday.

Flicking through a Daido Moriyama photo book.

Going out of a bar
Armando going out of a bar.

Squatting anywhere
Squatting anywhere!

Same guy
The same guy but from the front.

Kind woman
This kind woman cooks for me many days, she prepares excellent bentos!

Fake and authentic drink
One drink is authentic and the other one is fake (made of plastic).

Authentic or fake?
Authentic or fake?


Telecommunications center in Odaiba
Visiting the telecommunications center in Odaiba.

Playing around in Odaiba
Carlos, Alain and Mayo playing around in Odaiba.

Planet Earth
Planet Earth.

Casio Baby-G advertising
New advertising of the Casio Baby-G.

Starbucks Omotesando
Hanging out at a Starbucks in Omotesando.

Omotesando with Meiji-dori
At the crossing of Omotesando with Meiji-dori in Harajuku with my bicycle.

Going back home after work
Going back home after work.

Meeting at work
Meeting at work.

Working. Routine
Working. Routine.

Lunch with DG guys
Having lunch with Ogawara-san.

Lunch with DG guys
Having lunch with Wada-san.

Lunch with DG guys
Having lunch with Uchida-san

30 levels burger
30 levels burger!!

30 hamburgers
Alain, Carlos and I ate the a 10 level burger each. It was a horrific experience! Anybody wants to challenge us and beat our record?

Fuji TV
With Carlos, Mayo and the Fuji TV channel mascot.

Jairo BBQ
Special illumination of the Tokyo Tower to support Japan in the World Cup.

Jairo BBQ
Barbeque in the terrace of Jairo’s house that has fabulous views to the Tokyo Tower.

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hey.. thanks for the pics… i miss so much the streets… so you give me wings from time to time….

Please, please… keep posting… he he!


Thanks buddy!


As always, you have beautiful photos. I always enjoy how richly they express the Japanese environment that you currently live in. Keep up the good work and the interesting posts.

Also, you’re pretty handsome, you know that? 😉 Thanks for sharing your blog!

Good photos! Good PHP scripting, although my eyes would bleed using that syntax highlighting theme 😉

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